Below is a list of the most frequently asked questions and answers.

Can I do right & left measurements

This is a feature that has been recently requested and will be part of a future update.

What do I do after creating a user

Once you are in the user select page , simply press the scale icon in the top left. Here you will get a calendar view and you can either select dates to enter information or simply use the quick add button.

How Do I Enter Some Values Into The App

Once you have created your user , select the scale icon in the top right. Then you are shown the calendar view , simply choose a date and enter values from that point.

Market Stuck On Starting Download

If your application is stalled at “Starting download”, please use a few of the following troubleshooting steps to help your download to completion:
Confirm that there is connectivity on your device (contact your mobile service provider if you aren’t connected)
If downloading a paid application, confirm that your credit card information is up to date by logging in your Google Checkout account
Make sure that your phone is logged into Google Talk by following these steps:
Go to your phone’s app launcher, and press the Talk app
If you’re already logged into Talk, press Menu, and then touch Sign out Launch Talk again to sign in

The Application Will Not Download

Sorry to hear you are having this problems, this is a problem caused by the Android marketplace application not working correctly on your handset, it is a common problem with Android that Google are yet to fully fix. Here is a link to the Android marketplace forum
where people with similar issues have given there solutions to the issue :
My method for when it happens on my phone is to goto Settings -> Applications
on my phone. Then choose Manage applications
Find “Market” in the list and select it , I then choose “Clear cache” which effectively restarts the marketplace application.
I then go back into it and goto my downloads section, choose the program again and select download/install and away it goes 99% of the time. If that doesn’t work I do the same but before launching “Market” again I reboot the phone.

How Do I Move My Data To A New Device

The steps to follow are :
On your old device
Go to “Extras” by pressing the Menu Key and choosing Extras or using the icon on the calendar view
Then choose “Database management” , and choose backup.
This copys all your database to the SDCard in a directory called

Then copy this folder and it’s contents to the new devices SDCard.
Reinstall the app configuring it the same as you had on the old phone.
Then go to Database management and choose Import and it will be back.

I Can Not See My Widget

Due to a restriction of the Android operating system the application has to be in phone memory to get widgets.
To check this please go to Settings and then applications on your phone to ensure the application is in phone memory.
If it is not , please move it to the phone memory and then restart your phone and they should reappear in the list.

I Have Changed Phones , How Do I Download Again For Free

Your purchase is linked to the account it was purchased from.
As long as you setup the new device with the same account you can just go to the Market place app , press menu and choose my apps and download again for free.

In the phones now you can add multiple accounts , and then in the new marketplace app you can switch account to get to it that way.

If you have totally changed accounts and don’t have access to the old one or don’t wish to add your old account as a secondary account on your device you will have to pay again unfortunately as Google do not offer transfer services.

How Can I Get My Phone And Tablet To Sync

Currently our application does not support multi device syncing.

The App Has Just Crashed On Me

Please use the contact form to get in touch.

I Have A Great Idea To Make Your App Even Better

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